LGBT attack Cypriot archbishop for plans to teach Orthodox morality to children

November 3, 2016


Cypriot LGBT “rights group” ACCEPT has labeled Archbishop Chrysostomos as hateful, and is calling for his recent comments on the desire to create schools aimed at instilling children with traditional, Orthodox morality to be investigated, reports The Cyprus Weekly.

In an interview with the MEGAONE television station the archbishop revealed that the Church is contemplating creating its own school system, with nurseries, elementary, middle and high schools being created over the next several years.

The primate correctly identified homosexuality as “an aberrance and a sin,” saying “It is not something normal. It is unnatural.” In this light he noted that the proposed schools will aim to form upright, moral citizens, “direct[ing] children away from homosexuality.”

In response, ACCEPT announced, “We will be reporting the incident to the Attorney General of the Republic as a violation of the Criminal Code concerning the promotion of hatred due to sexual orientation or gender identity, and will make all relevant representations.” The group also wants the TV station investigated for the supposed “promotion of racist messages and hate speech.”

The voice of the Orthodox Church on such matters is generally respected in Cyprus, though the country has been forced to reexamine its “human rights legislation” since seeking EU membership.

In this vein, ACCEPT proclaimed, revealing its utter lack of understanding of Orthodoxy: “Morality and belief have nothing to do with sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics and a person can both be LGBTI and simultaneously follow the path of God and his teachings. Let’s not forget, moreover, that the Church itself was created, composed, and represented by people with their own passions.”

While the group promoting immoral lifestyles accuses the archbishop of using “a rhetoric of hatred,” Archbishop Chrysostomos’ statements instead focused on teaching the path to salvation of all. He stated that when speaking to students who themselves identify as homosexual he would “tell them that humans ought to learn how to struggle”—the same effort that places all Orthodox Christians in the path of Christ’s life.


icxcnika11/6/2016 1:08 am
This week I received y first request to murder a patient. Under the new laws in Canada people have the right to request "physician-assisted suicide" AKA MURDER. I have not responded to this evil because that will open the authorities to remove my medical license. I cannot use my name but under any circumstances under my Orthodox Baptism and the Hypocratic oath I cannot, will not, will never do such a thing. the gay agenda opens the door to all immorality. HATE is their favourite word because they have no understanding of LOVE. Glory to God for our Orthodox Bishops In Cyprus!
Anthony11/3/2016 4:05 pm
Nice to see how swimmingly well our membership of the EU is going. We were promised freedom from the tyrannical turkish yoke, prosperity and all the other goodies so lavishly enjoyed by the western man in abundance. Instead we have been economically and spiritually impoverished with the turks as volatile as ever and of course the western white man pushing our govt. to accept a "solution" that would legitimise turkey's claims over the land they have stolen from us. Of course Makariotita was a supporter of Cyprus' European path. I'm sure he deeply regrets giving his support to that.
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