The Romanovs: A Family Portrait


Before the revolution in Russia, a popular genre was the family portrait. Parents usually sat in the center surrounded by their children, and the photographer took a number of photos. Many families had such photographs, and so now we can observe those families—peasant families, nobility, and priests' families. How greatly these photos differ from our momentary snapshots taken at holidays or outings, not always including every family member. These old photographs reflect a traditional relationship to the home and hearth, and to our close ones as a world of intrinsic value. Some of these photos taken of the Royal Romanov family have been preserved to our day. In them we can trace the history of love—Nicholas and Alexandra as betrothed, then as husband and wife, and then with their firstborn child. Finally we see them all—as we see them depicted on icons.

Eliane Simiao4/30/2023 7:44 pm
Acho linda a história da realeza russa. Principalmente os Romanov. Existe algumi ro completo só rê eles?
Fr. Robert E Deming5/5/2020 3:01 am
Russia will never be great until an annointed Czar is established- When Charles I of England was murdered by the Parliament, England suffered....
Aimee Silvester1/19/2019 10:20 pm
Picture years:
1895 (Nicky and Alix),
1898 (Alix and Nicky),
1896 (Nicky, Alix and Olga),
1898 (Nicky, Alix, Tatiana and Olga),
1899 (Alix, Maria, Nicky, Tatiana and Olga),
1899 (same people),
1901 (Nicky, Alix and Otma),
1904 (Nicky and Alexei),
1907 (Otmaa),
1909 (Alix and Nicky),
1911 (Otmaa),
1910 (Naotmaa),
1912 (Otmaa and Anna V),
1914 (Nicky and Alix),
1912 (Nicky and Otma),
1914 (Otmaa),
1914 (Alix and Otma),
1913 (Otma and Nicky),
1914 (Naotmaa),
1914 (Naotmaa and Ella),
1915 (Nicky and Otmaa),
1914 (Nicky, Alix and Otma),
1914 (Otma),
1914 (Nicky and Otma),
1916 (Nicky and Otmaa),
1917 (Olga, Nicky, Anastasia and Tatiana)
Becky12/27/2018 8:03 am
Hello! Wonderful pictures....and great website. Does anyone know where I can find ACTUAL pictures of their wedding ceremony or coronation? I have looked everywhere! Are they private? Did they take pictures on their wedding day like the other royal families?
Peter Townsend Gun12/18/2017 5:01 am
Thank you for these delightful photographs of the Russian Imperial Family. It is lovely to see some newer photographs, not many of them having been seen previously. The charm of the four Grand Duchesses is evident in this snapshot of a loving family. What a pity The Empress is so unsmiling - a trait which increased her reputation as being cold and arrogant. In truth the Royal lady had a huge cross to bear with a haemophilic son who was constantly on her mind. It would be many years before a form of relief would be developed for this rare condition. Long may their memory live in peoples hearts and minds. God save the Tsar!
Alexandra Cuco9/29/2017 2:37 pm
quhant th realy history of Romanocv Family?Anastacia where is it?
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