Ukrainian MP calls on schismatics to canonize police brutality victim George Floyd

Kiev, June 8, 2020

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While millions throughout America and the world are calling for justice for the victim of police brutality in Minneapolis George Floyd, one member of the Ukrainian Parliament is making another call.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Iliya Kiva, from the “Opposition Platform-For Life” faction, is calling upon “Metropolitan” Epiphany Dumenko, the head of the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” to canonize Floyd as a saint.

Writing on his Facebook page, Deputy Kiva compared the mass protests that erupted in response to Floyd’s death to the 2013-2014 Maidan revolution in Ukraine, suggesting that the deceased be included among the Heavenly Hundred—those who died during the protests.

“In solidarity with the American people, sharing their national grief from the tragic death of a black great martyr, as a People’s Deputy of Ukraine, I propose declaring a week of mourning and renaming Stepan Bandera Avenue in Kiev to Floyd Avenue!!!” Kiva writes.

“I also appeal to Metropolitan Epiphany with a demand to canonize the innocently-murdered Floyd and to appoint a day for his veneration in the Church,” the Deputy continues.

Recall that the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” is not allowed to canonize saints, but rather must petition the Patriarchate of Constantinople to canonize saints for it.

He also calls upon the Prime Minister of Ukraine to allocate $10 million dollars as financial assistance for Floyd’s family.

“Please consider including Floyd in the list of the Heavenly Hundred, as the man who began the ‘revolution of dignity’ in the United States of America!!! With Floyd forever in my heart,” Kiva concludes.

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Cornel6/26/2022 7:01 pm
Interesant cum se poate cere ca un infractor să fie declarat sfint. Sfintul hoţilor. Este de noaptea minţii ce dorește acest personaj din Ucraina. Sau hilar. Acesta este poate un motiv-invitaţie lui Putin să facă curat in Ucraina.
A Greek of Constantinople.6/11/2020 7:50 am
Well like "Michael" said. This is mockery and satire.. and I as well think it is brilliant and hilarious. Besides the suggestion to rename the avenue is a deep insult to Ukrainian nationalists, and especially national socialists of Ukraine. Even though from what I have read Bandera was not exactly a national socialist, more appropriately, a Nazi collaborator and an opportunist.
Feiyu(Mainland China)6/10/2020 10:28 am
Minneapolis George Floyd is an Evangelist, he is not belong to Orthodoxy. He did not make any valuable contribution to the development of the Orthodox Church of America. How can he be canonized as a saint of Eastern Orthodox Church?
Michael6/8/2020 11:26 pm
Readers should understand that Iliya Kiva's "appeal" is almost certainly meant as a mocking satire. The “Opposition Platform-For Life” group in the Ukrainian Parliament was the main opposition to Poroshenko's regime and stood against his call for Constantinople to grant recognition to the schismatics. It's hard to imagine that a MP from the Opposition Platform would seriously side with Epiphany Dumenko. Plus, the wording here is clearly intentionally over-the-top. The key sentence that reveals the satire is this: “I propose declaring a week of mourning and renaming Stepan Bandera Avenue in Kiev to Floyd Avenue!!!” MP Kiva is clearly mocking the schismatics here, by suggesting that the avenue named after their beloved Nazi should instead be named for a black man. It's hard to think of a greater insult to Bandera. Which is why this is brilliant. I am assuming that Kiva is also trying to draw attention to the absurd way in which the "Heavenly Hundred" are being treated as pseudo-saints by the schismatics, by asking why they don't treat George Floyd the same way.
Patrick Sheridan6/8/2020 7:17 pm
I suppose this is a classic case of whom God abandons, demons enter. There is nothing just or good about the global spasm of contempt, rage and ignorance that has erupted as a result of George Floyd's death. In Bristol we've seen an angry mob topple the statue of a benefactor, graffiti on the statue of Winston Churchill and one man attempt to set fire to the Union Flag at the Cenotaph, which is sacrilege to many patriotic British. What on earth next? This frenzy of global sabotage reminds me of the Iconoclasts smashing and burning the Icons. If the Yukkies are willing to pray to Nazis then it shouldn't surprise anybody here that they're also willing to canonise a net tax-consumer who threatened a pregnant woman. I wouldn't be surprised if the man had Semitic blood.
Elizanna6/8/2020 6:26 pm
These people need to know that these protests are being organized by anti-Christian outside agitators, not by the mainstream law-abiding black communities. And George Floyd is no saint. He was in the process of committing a drug-fueled crime when he was arrested, had a history of crime and was a former porn film actor. This entire episode was staged to stir civil unrest in USA, yet another attempt to destroy a nation built on Christian principles and usher in the New World Order.
ACatharina6/8/2020 2:42 pm
Never trust people who write more than one exclamation mark in a sentence.
Antiochene Son6/8/2020 1:53 pm
Meanwhile, Greek Orthodox police officer Shay Mikalonis was shot in the head by BLM protestors in Nevada. Miraculously he is still alive but his life will never be the same. The GOAA hierarchy offers support to a radical, anti-civilization uprising but says nothing about our Orthodox brother who was shot by the movement they support. Wow, just wow.
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