Moldova: Metropolis of Bessarabia (Romanian) condemns LGBT campaign in schools

Chișinău, Moldova, November 15, 2022

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Last Wednesday, the Moldovan Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate issued a statement condemning the controversial “LGBT Children in Your School” program launched throughout the country.

And last Friday, the Metropolis of Bessarabia of the Romanian Orthodox Church, which also operates in Moldova, published its own condemnatory statement.

The Church argues that the campaign is aimed at “perverting the minds and souls of the young generation” and is completely unacceptable according to the norms of Moldovan society. 98% of Moldovan residents identify as Orthodox Christians.

The Metropolis also expresses its concern about the “masking of these vicious acts in moral virtues, under the aegis of freedom.”

Read the Church’s full statement:

The Metropolis of Bessarabia and Exarchate of the Plains has taken note of the toxic “LGBT Children in Your School” campaign, qualifying it as a form of manipulation of children, young people and teaching staff, which causes confusion among them and tries to shake and nullify the biological laws of human nature.

This toxic campaign doesn’t respond to a real pedagogical need in the schools of the Republic of Moldova, being contrary to the moral principles unanimously accepted in society.

In their manipulative effort to pervert the minds and souls of the young generation, the promoters of this toxic campaign resort in their documentary materials to fictional characters and modeling situations and characters, which have nothing in common with the reality of our society.

A basic element of this toxic campaign is language manipulation, embodied in the use of terms such as “sexual orientation,” “gender freedom,” and “sexual bullying,” applied to our children. Also, this toxic campaign is based on obvious falsehoods, claiming that discriminatory activities are carried out by teachers in schools in the Republic of Moldova.

The stated goal of this toxic campaign is for all teachers to accept and promote the LGBT+ ideology, which constitutes an attack on the duties of any teacher or educator in the public education system. More precisely, the aim of the authors of this initiative is to inoculate gender ideology in school and in society against the will of students, parents or guardians, who, according to the Constitution and legislation of the Republic of Moldova, are the only ones entitled to decide how their children are to be trained.

This type of approach constitutes a serious and direct attack on Orthodox Christians morals and on the traditional family, and the involvement of the teaching staff in such actions goes against both their personal positions and the school curriculum.

The school, as an educational institution, ensures by its own regulation an educational environment suitable for the development of knowledge, in a free and fair way, guaranteed by the laws of the Ministry of Education. LGBT+ ideology can’t impose a restructuring of the fundamental laws of education without discriminating, in turn, against other individuals.

Combating discrimination, respecting human rights and dignity, one’s own identity and other rights, such as religious ones, are already found in the Education Code of the Republic of Moldova, therefore this campaign to promote LGBT+ ideology doesn’t add anything to this topic. Furthermore, we can say with strength and responsibility that it’s an attack on the personal conceptions of children, parents/guardians and teaching staff, and it represents a form of coercion to renounce Orthodox Christian morality, erroneously presented as retrograde, intolerant, and old fashioned.

His Eminence Metropolitan PETRU: “Using children in LGBT+ propaganda isn’t a form of freedom, but is a serious discrimination against children and parents, a serious attack against the family and Christian morality. We ask the government and the Ministry of Education to intervene promptly in this situation, taking all necessary measures to put an end to any illegal attempt to inoculate gender ideology in public schools in the Republic of Moldova.

The organization of such campaigns, which defend and promote the unnaturalness of intimate personal acts, will vehemently compromise educational institutions and especially, the institution of the traditional family.

The position of the Metropolis of Bessarabia, which expresses its concern about the masking of these vicious acts in moral virtues, under the aegis of freedom, is based on the vision and experience of a universal moral law that has been the basis of all healthy societies.

It’s absolutely necessary to understand that human rights and freedoms have nothing to do with the ideological “rights” of some sexual minorities, which the organizers invoke and impose on the whole of society, through aggressive activism. The “LGBT current”, i.e. the freedom of the wrong choices made by them regarding the private sphere, is incompatible with the natural moral values ​​of society and the Bessarabian school, therefore it can’t be imposed and addressed in the public sphere.

We hope that the responsible state institutions, i.e. the persons in leadership positions, will fully demonstrate moral courage, honesty, discernment and wisdom, acting in the spirit of Christianity and the Gospel, with purported love and dignity towards the younger generations.”

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