Orthodox and Anglican bishops of Jerusalem consecrate oil for coronation of British king

Jerusalem, March 6, 2023

Photo: jerusalem-patriarchate.b-cdn.net Photo: jerusalem-patriarchate.b-cdn.net     

Oil from the Holy Land will be used in the coronation of King Charles III of the United Kingdom on May 6.

Photo: jerusalem-patriarchate.b-cdn.net Photo: jerusalem-patriarchate.b-cdn.net     

On Friday, March 3, this oil, made from olives grown on the Mt. of Olives, was consecrated by Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem and the Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem Hosam Naoum.

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem reports:

A historical event took place today, Friday March 3, in Jerusalem where the oil that will be used for the anointing of His Majesty King Charles III in the coronation ceremony on the 6th May 2023, was consecrated by His Beatitude our Father and Patriarch Theophilos III, and later by the Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem, The Most Reverend Hosam Naoum.

The Patriarchate report also includes the relevant press release from Buckingham Palace:

Photo: jerusalem-patriarchate.b-cdn.net Photo: jerusalem-patriarchate.b-cdn.net     

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Kevin Love3/14/2023 11:35 pm
Greetings from Toronto, where the faithful and loyal subjects of our new King of Canada are preparing for his coronation. And a big thank you to everyone in Jerusalem and around the world who is helping us in so many different ways. Let us pray to Almighty God for His Majesty the King, and for all set in authority under him. Every day I give thanks to God who has so richly blessed my family that we live in a country which is a democratic constitutional monarchy that respects universal human rights and lives in peace with its neighbours. In the name of Jesus, Prince of Peace, let us pray that those blessings of freedom and peace may spread to all the peoples of the world.
JohnF3/7/2023 2:26 am
Garbage, God help us, wretched wretched path they are sending themselves. May we keep oursevlves Orthodox, and hearken to the contemporary Saints - NOT the deluded Bishops, NOT priests who refuse to speak up, NOT ecumenists, and NOT schismatics who then say grace has left the entire Church!
Herman3/6/2023 5:00 pm
Why would any Orthodox bishop participte in this? Why would you use chrism consecrated by an Orthodox bishop to "anoint" a fake heretical "king" with? What is the point of this?
Matthias3/6/2023 4:49 pm
Ecumenism is a heresy and will send you to hell. Woe to the souls of those who would do this, even during lent!
Menas3/6/2023 4:09 pm
Why….? Has Charles secretly become Orthodox and we just don’t know?
Rdr Daniel3/6/2023 2:46 pm
Was the Patriarch mislead, did he not know that the Anglicans would desecrate the holy chrism afterwards?
Paul Przybylski3/6/2023 2:08 pm
As an Orthodox Christian I was wondering why does an Orthodox Patriarch consecrate oil to be used in an service by a protestant group. This is a so called church which broke from the Roman church which broke from The True Church (Orthodox).
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