Monastic Tonsures at the Kiev Caves Lavra


On the evening of Wednesday, March 15, two men were tonsured into monasticism in the caves at the famous Kiev Caves Lavra. The rite of tonsure was celebrated by the abbot of the monastery, His Eminence Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod and Chernobyl.

Of course, the Great Fast is the most fitting time to give one’s life to Christ in the angelic habit with the requisite vows of asceticism.

It’s also fitting to remember this event today, on the Sunday of the Cross, as monasticism is nothing less than co-crucifixion with the Lord. As St. John of Climacus teaches, angels are a light for monks, and monks are a light for men, because it’s the monastics who most fully live out the Gospel of picking up one’s cross and dying to oneself. The spirit of monasticism is a continuation of the spirit of martyrdom, of the pursuit of the perfection of Christ.

And further, these specific men, now named Frs. Elisha and Clement, took their monastic vows just two weeks before their government intends to drive them out of their chosen home. The future is uncertain for these men and for the whole of the brotherhood of the Kiev Caves Lavra, but the task of the monk is to maintain inner stability in even the most unstable of situations.

Met. Pavel has said that the monks have no intention of voluntarily leaving their home come March 29, and it remains to be seen what other crosses await them.

Photo source: Facebook

19 марта 2023 г.

Michael3/21/2023 2:20 am
I think I'm more nervous about it than they are. And I mean this in this way: the calmness and patience that these people show, to me it is clear they really accept whatever God lets happen. I sometimes have difficulty with it, they don't seem to have. May they pray for us, and may we pray for them for a good result of everything.
Brenda Haggai 3/20/2023 9:59 pm
May God bless them and keep them unto Himself. I pray for them and the monastery faithfully. Pray for us and the whole world Holy Fathers! May our One True and merciful God grant you strength, courage, love and
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