The Meaning of Family Values

Metropolitan Luke’s wartime notes


Christ is in our midst, my dear readers!

Today (July 8), when our Church celebrates the memory of Sts. Peter and Febronia, I would like to talk with you about what a family is for the Christian, in all its different aspects. The marriage of a man and a woman is an event that took place even before the Fall into sin. Therefore the holy fathers call marriage a remainder of paradise on earth. But the first people betrayed their Father, Who blessed this marriage, and were cast out of paradise. Today we understand marriage as the unity of husband and wife in God. That is, the main goal of is not the birth of children, but the return to that paradisal state, in which the family dwelt before the Fall. But as we know, in the Kingdom of God, they are neither married nor given in marriage, but are as the angels in heaven. This means that our task is to transform into paradise not only family life, but also any of our mutual relationships with people. If a husband, wife, and children are a small family, then the church, parish, and parishioners are our greater family. Those who come to church solely for individual purposes do not do rightly. Just as in a family, in a parish we cannot live only for ourselves. We have to live for the sake of others and for God. The needs of a church community, just like the needs of its parishioners, touches each member of the parish—because we are a large family. It would be right if all those who go to church would not only know each other by name, but would also begin to work together outside the church—visit each other’s homes, study the Bible together, pray, and discuss spiritual literature. The family is what unites, because God desires our unity. Only the devil seeks to destroy, and strives for chaos and disorder.

That is why people who serve the devil have declared war upon the family and family values. They well understand that without the family there will be no nations, no sovereign countries, and no healthy societies, because this is all formed from family cells. It is grievous to see that today, when our people is on the edge of extinction, when the number of Ukrainians are so rapidly decreasing, certain politicians are forcing upon us depraved forms of marriage, and barrenness that is not only physical but spiritual. I am convinced that such politics are criminal—both toward our people and our nation.

Metropolitan Luke (Kovalenko) of Zaporozhye and Melitopol
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