Ukraine allocates 20 million UAH for blasphemous LGBT film

Kiev, November 9, 2021

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The Ukrainian state agency for cinema has confirmed that it’s allocating hundreds of thousands of dollars for the production of “My Young Prince,” its first LGBT film. It was earlier reported that the film also makes blasphemous use of various Christian symbols.

“The Council for the State Support of Cinematography decided on October 12, 2021, to provide state support to the film project, ‘My Young Prince,’ in the amount of 20 million hryvnias [$767,460],” the agency reported in response to a request from Ukrainian News.

The announcement comes just months after the news that the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture spent budgetary funds to purchase LGBT-propaganda comic books for children, and the news that the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine allocated $366,670 (10,240,669 hryvnia) to study the lifestyle of the gay population.

“My Young Prince,” centered on a 17-year-old boy, won the Council’s 17th annual film competition. The premier of the first Ukrainian LGBT drama is set for July 2022.

The film follows Paul, a psychologically ill teenager who lives in a posh mansion, leads a riotous lifestyle, and shows an unhealthy attachment to his mother Sophia, who lives with him. Paul soon begins a relationship with a young man named Antoine, and Sophia with Antoine’s father Mark. The appearance of Antoine and Mark in their lives ends up leading everyone to tragedy.

After the film won the state competition, former Parliamentarian Deputy Igor Mosiychuk commented: “The Ukrainian audience allegedly needs a drama from the life of gays who mock Christian symbols and turn them into a satanic perversion.”

In particular, the film plays on famous Christian art from Michelangelo, crosses, and other Christian symbols.

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Ioann11/10/2021 11:04 am
Homoeroticism is being systematically introduced into Ukrainian society. Some one recently showed me a music video that is being circulated in Ukraine. A Ukrainian soldier, dressed in full uniform, is standing on the tarmac getting ready to go off to war--obviously to fight against eastern Ukrainians. His boyfriend is seeing him off, and a romantic scene ensues between them. It's really disgusting, and Ukrainians, who are even more traditional and conservative than Russians, must have completely lost their voices in their own country if such lawlessness is being pushed on them. God help them.
ACatharina11/10/2021 10:50 am
That's what you get for accepting foreign loan deals. Banderites, to the rescue!
Panagiotis11/10/2021 2:28 am
Where is the strong father in this movie? ..... I would refer to this movie as "the young princess" starring the sodomite son and the feminist tramp mother.... as I said before, the feminist movement is the root of many of our societal problems... There had to be a feminist movement first in order for there to be a so-called gay movement.. many homosexual men come from households with a feminist mother and no father, or a feminist mother and a weak sissy father... Now you know why there is a union between the feminists and the homosexuals... the Ukrainian People must reject this Blasphemous liberal nonsense and they must vote out all the politicians who supported this.... do not give in one inch to the no good liberals... the no good liberals always destroy the strong family first, which then leads to the destruction of the Church, the destruction of the communities, and the destruction of the nation... The Ukraine is an Orthodox Land and it must remain a strong Orthodox Nation... As I have always said, use the brain that Almighty God gave you, and put the pieces of the puzzle together... When will people wake up?.... oh by the way, the name "Sophia" means "Wisdom" in Greek....very devious ones, very devious indeed...
Stephen11/9/2021 10:31 pm
There is one way that this could actually be fine: "The appearance of Antoine and Mark in their lives ends up leading everyone to tragedy." If - a big IF! - the movie ends with tragedy and the message that these characters lost their souls because of what they did, then it could be a good movie. But I doubt they're going to take it in that direction.
Alexander Leitner11/9/2021 10:11 pm
Perhaps this is good! Perhaps eyes are opened. Ftom West is coming only trash. The West lost true Art, true beauty,.... All this filth and trash is the outcome of their dark and lost souls.
Constantine11/9/2021 7:46 pm
I don’t understand. Why are Jewish people pushing gay propaganda in Ukraine?
sherlock_holmes11/9/2021 7:12 pm
Motto: 'Abandon hope all ye who enter here'...Ukraine, one of the last patients who entered the madhouse of EU and global America ! Waiting for our Lord to give the signal to His Angels !
Feiyu(Mainland China)11/9/2021 5:30 pm
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