Good News from the Covid Lockdown?


July 24, 2023

Today, we are honored to be able to post the following submitted by Archpriest Geoffrey Korz from Ontario, Canada. Father Geoffrey has a reputation for saying what everyone else is thinking but can’t find the courage to say. This is one such piece.


Good News from the Covid Lockdown?

We Must Learn Spiritual Lessons – Not Just Smile Silently and Move On

Recently, I traveled to a Church meeting in Canada, at which a major event for Orthodox faithful and clergy was being planned. This major event was to be the first such event since the three-year Covid lockdowns and related measures.

Expecting to find something on the agenda related to the effect of Covid and its impact on the faithful of the Church, I was surprised when I could locate nothing of the kind in the draft notes. As it turned out, I was mistaken and had misread the agenda: during the planned four day event, we were scheduled to receive a thirty minute presentation on the subject, followed by fifteen minutes of questions.

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