Syrian extremist ideologist smashes statue of the Virgin Mary in front of a camera

Idlib, October 30, 2013

On October 23, user Abdulkarim Abdullah uploaded to his videoblog a Youtube video of a Wahhabi "Sheikh", ideologist of one "opposition" armed group, Umar Garba to his supporters, reports the Salam1 portal.

According to the description attached to the clip, this speech was filmed in the village of Al-Yakubiya al-Muharrara near the Syrian town of Idlib, after seizure of a certain "palace, where criminals of the regime dwelt and where crimes against Islam and Muslims were committed".

The video fixed the moment when Umar Garba, holding a statue of the Mother of God, said: "By the will of Allah the almighty may no one be worshipped on the Syrian land but Allah; and may no judgment exist in this country except the judgment of Allah! And neither an idol nor profanity will ever be glorified here after these days, by the will of Allah!" After that the "Sheikh" smashed the statue of the Virgin Mary, commanding all those present to say, “Allahu Akbar”, or “God is Great”.

Earlier this year, the Christian village of Al-Yakubiya al-Muharrara had already been attacked by militants; three churches of this settlement had been fired upon in January.


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