May God Give You Wisdom! The Letters of Fr. John Krestiankin. Letters to Laypeople. Part 6

Архимандрит Иоанн (Крестьянкин) Архимандрит Иоанн (Крестьянкин)

The Lord sees your heart

Dear K.!

A. has not made his life’s decision, you are not yet free, and everything is still ahead of you. Everyone has to make his own decision. Therefore, enjoy life, do what God has blessed you to do with love and eagerness: warm the souls of the sick and suffering, and paint icons.

Pray for A. and for yourself, and do not look into the future. The Lord in His good time will decide your future. After all, He sees your hearts. Only be steadfast in your choice.

May the Lord give you wisdom!

When your choice becomes a vow

Dear in the Lord M.!

Your answer does not have power, for it was given unconsciously, and, I might say, entirely without any understanding of God’s Providence working in the world. You yourself will have to make your own decision, and your choice will become a vow when you place it before God in the Sacrament.

There are two paths to salvation: family life and monasticism. Look into your heart and ask it where it wants to go. May God give you wisdom!

Wait a bit

Dear in the Lord K.!

You are bearing a certain harm done within yourself through your practice of occultism, and therefore, do not rush to take up the additional cross of marriage. Do your carpentry work, your wood carving, enter the life of the Church, and pray. The time will come when you will spiritually and physically mature, level out, and then you will feel that you can be a support to another person. Right now you yourself are shaky, so wait a bit before marrying. May God give you wisdom!

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