Chinese President meeting with Underground Church Leaders

June 25, 2015

Back to Jerusalem reports that the Chinese Christian landscape could be facing significant changes. With upwards of one million converts every month, Christianity is growing rapidly in China. With such bolstered numbers Chinese Christians may even outnumber the Communists.

The underground church, which enjoys the majority of Chinese converts, has long resisted registering with the government’s official Three-Self church, fearing the regulation of training, jurisdiction, baptisms, etc.

However, several house church pastors met with Chinese president Xi Jinping last week at his personally-written invitation. The leaders, including Pastor Zhang Rongliang of Fengcheng church, Pastor Shen of Tanghe, Pastor Chen of Truth, Pastor Enguan, and the leadership of Mongfu – or Blessings church discussed the challenges they faced, looking towards their acceptance of and sanctioning by the Chinese government.


Lin ZhiXing5/8/2020 10:14 am
I'm a faithful of Chinese Three-self Church .In China ,we call it "SanZhiJiaoHui"(三自教会),It's a kind of United Church and lead by the government. Anyone who teach against the government will be arrested , anyone who found a new church but without join in the Three-self Church will be punished . Any Christianity not registered in the authorities will be considered as illegal. We don't afraid because we have the Lord who creat the world ,so We praise the Lord everyday and hope Jesus Christ will help us get freedom.We believe that after the darkness there is the light.主与我们同在,阿门!
Sally Iloff6/27/2015 3:47 am
Blessed be the name of the Lord, Who gives and takes away! God always overcomes every evil with good. Now even China designate the importance of Jesus in the life of their people! Pray for those leaders! For a petty the officials in West are who will turn the blind eye or even will start persecutions against Christians! Protect us Lord Jesus!
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