Do Not Panic Before the Time

We continue with the Letters of Fr. John (Krestiankin) on the last days and the antichrist.     

No injustice in God

Dear Fr. N.!

You have cited a very good passage from St. Theodore the Studite. It speaks to us also about how all people in all times make a choice in their lives—to go by the narrow path, or by the wide one.

There is no injustice in God, nor can there be—otherwise, those who lived before the appearance of this new technological accounting system would have all been saved, while after its arrival all would perish to a man, simply because they happen to live in these apocalyptic times.

The most terrible thing which lies hidden in all this is the confusion and disturbance washing over the faithful. We no longer have any faith in the voice of the Church. However, the mind of the Church is universal and cohesive. The synod made a pronouncement after praying and looking over the problem from all angles, and this is the voice of the Church. But we have no faith, we do not trust this voice, we only listen to private individuals, who, although they may be spirit-bearing, are not guaranteed against mistakes.

Remember the price paid by Holy Patriarch Tikhon to preserve the Church and under what conditions, when it was under pressure from the outside, and troubled from within. What happened to those who followed after the “spirit-bearing” catacomb church, which has now degenerated into a sect? Meanwhile, the Church still lives and does its saving work in the world.

So, forgive me.

Apostasy walks the earth, and we need to hold to the Church, for its Rudder is the Savior Himself.

P. S. For now, there is not one question in the [identification] applications about our faith and hope.

Do not panic before the time

Dear in the Lord M.!

The seal of antichrist will come when antichrist comes to reign and receives power, and becomes the one and only ruler on the earth. Right now every nation has its own head.

Therefore, do not panic before the time, but fear now the sins that open and pave the way to the future antichrist. The current passports are of the same quality as the old ones.

The seal is not external

Dear N.!

The second part of your letter is precisely the thing you are afraid of.

Our limping spiritually on both knees, “I cannot live in a Godly way, and often do not want to,” gives wide berth to that seal that everyone fears. The seal is not something outward, but the mind, the heart, and the soul are sealed with sin, so that nothing Godly can enter the soul. While the passports and identification cards are all Caesar’s.

According to the Lord’s words, render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s (Matt. 22:21, Mk. 12:17, Lk. 20:25).

May the Lord give you wisdom!

From: May God Give You Wisdom! The Letters of Fr. John (Krestiankin)

Anne5/21/2023 1:07 pm
Michael: you have written a really good response. What you say is true indeed.
Ruben Hinoxosa5/4/2022 2:28 am
I noticed the Comment of Dr John. Did Dr. John agree with All the Catholic Reformation Fathers who Preached The Papacy as the Antichrist? I do agree that this Jesuit Pope is Dancing with evils and has actually worshipped a *Mother Earth goddess idol*. The Pope is also calling for the Roman Church's Prodigal Children / Protestant Denominations. Which would be reminiscent of The Apocalypse Book = Revelation of Christ to John.
Panagiotis9/20/2021 2:32 am
In all of the years I have been going to Orthodox Church, I have never, repeat never, heard an Orthodox Priest or an Orthodox Bishop refer to our God as "Yahweh", never... Is this some term that may be used on a website of a Protestant Sect and their secondhand religion? Or is it a term that may appear in the scofield bible? You know that bible that was started by Mr. Scofield , an alleged fraudster (read up on him for yourself)... I don't know since I have never had a scofield bible... As far as my Muslim Brothers, we have been living in peace for centuries, side-by-side, Orthodox Christians and Muslim People.... Only when outside forces or people who have other motives come along do they divide us using religion... it is called divide and conquer and is still being used to this day.... In the end times there will be an alliance between Orthodox Christians and Muslims who together will battle the Antichrist (the false Messiah), aka Dajjal....
Michael9/10/2021 5:25 am
Friend John, the fact that you are so keen on throwing around labels such as "evil, neo-Nazi, bigoted, antisemitic, anti-Christian, women denigrating, murderous" makes one doubt whether or not you should truly count us Orthodox Christians among your "dearest Brothers and Sisters". Remember that such terms are used by media and academia to darken the names of anyone deemed undesirable for the current cultural paradigm. Islam indeed has nothing to do with the Word of God or His Revelation, however the reigning ideology of the world isn't Islam, but "technocratic liberal secularism" any critic of which is immediately assigned one of those labels you so duly cite. So perhaps you should consider your words carefully and decide which side you will be on when the exact same labels will be cast on the Faith that you claim to profess.
Dr John de los Angeles9/4/2021 2:03 pm
Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Satan is walking the earth with ever-growing strength wearing the clothes of the most evil, neo-Nazi, bigoted, antisemitic, anti-Christian, women denigrating, murderous ideology, ISLAM, with their false prophet and their false god Allah (Satan). Our TRUE God is Yahweh NOT Allah. I pray that all our Blessed Religious will read Dr. Robert Spencer's new books "The Critical Qur'an" and "Did Mohamed Exist". The Church must never believe that Islam is a comparable religion to Christianity, as the current Roman Pope does.
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