Kosovo: More than 80 graves destroyed at Serbian cemetery

Mitrovica, Kosovo, February 28, 2022

Photo: kosovo-online.com Photo: kosovo-online.com     

Another Serbian Orthodox cemetery has been attacked and desecrated in Kosovo.

Visitors to the Orthodox cemetery in the Albanian part of the city of Mitrovica in northern Kosovo on Soul Saturday this weekend were heartbroken to find more than 80 tombstones destroyed, reports Kosovo Online.

Unfortunately, such attacks are a common occurrence in Kosovo. A cemetery near Gračanica Monastery in the village of Kišnica was desecrated late last year.

“As soon as I walked through the gate, my legs gave way from what I saw,” says one visitor to the cemetery in Mitrovica. “We’re natives… My grandparents, uncle, aunt, father and brother are buried in the cemetery. And I come here with great pain and sadness. We pass by the Albanian cemetery—everything is cleaned and tidied up there, we don’t touch anything there, the dead are not to blame for us.”

“Everything is broken and destroyed. This is barbarism, sadness. We’ve never done that, it’s proof of their culture. They’re trying to erase any trace that we once lived here,” said another visitor.

The Orthodox faithful also found graves at the same cemetery desecrated when they visited on Soul Saturday, November 6.

The city of Mitrovica has been divided since 1999 into the southern part, with an absolute majority of Albanians (about 60,000), and the northern part, dominated by Serbs (about 13,000). The Serbian Orthodox now bury their dead in the north of the city and visit the cemetery in the south for commemorations.

As of earlier this month, there had already been 6 attacks on Serbian Orthodox churches and holy sites in Kosovo just this year.

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Popsy3/3/2022 2:35 am
As far as I know, Russians have bombed only military targets and airports, unlike NATO forces in Serbia. And still they have the audacity to condemn the Russians. May God forgive us all and bring peace in Ukraine and worldwide.
Theodoros2/28/2022 10:30 pm
For 78 days in 1999 NATO bombed civilian targets in Serbia without mercy, General Wesley Clark advocated and directed the indiscriminate bombing of Serbian civilians. Hospitals and other civilian buildings were hit. The hypocrisy of the west is beyond belief as they condemn the Russians. I do not agree with the Russian invasion of Ukraine but I can see how NATO has gradually provoked Russia. We should pray for an end to the current war and for peace.
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