Church shelled in Donetsk, one killed, priest and warden wounded

Donetsk, June 24, 2022

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The priest and the warden of the Annunciation Church in the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk were wounded during shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, reports TASS, citing reports from Donetsk People’s Republic military headquarters.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the Holy Annunciation Church in the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk, reported the military headquarters Telegram channel. One civilian was killed, and two more were wounded. The priest, Fr. Viktor, and the church warden, whose name is Elena, were injured, the report stated.

Earlier, Donetsk Mayor Alexei Kulemzin reported the death of a civilian and the wounding of several others during the shelling of this church. Ukrainian army units began heavily shelling civilian residential areas in Donetsk at the beginning of last week, and they resumed shelling the city on Thursday morning. The Kiev and Kuibyshev districts of Donetsk were under fire, by NATO 155 mm artillery, according to DPR military reports.

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Editor6/29/2022 10:10 am
Herman: To answer your question. We have reported on the number of churches damaged during the course of the war. But war is war, and it's only really clear to eyewitnesses or after a military forensics study exactly whose shell hit a church and destroyed it. We read information in both English and Russian (and some Ukrainian) before drawing any conclusions. Information coming from official military sources is more or less printable. But objectively speaking, we don't rely on what blatantly anti-Orthodox sources write, especially since there are proven fakes. In Russia we also have quite a few refugees with their own stories, too. But generally, it is very counter-productive to demonize anyone without taking into consideration the history of the whole situation. And we will not do that on this site, so if you want that kind of information, read the BBC, CNN, or MSNBC. Perhaps you would like to comment to them that they are not reporting the Russian point of view. But I doubt it.
Herman6/29/2022 3:45 am
James: I think you should read my comments more carefully. I am not blaming everything on the Russians. However, what is going on in Ukraine right now is just as much the fault of Russia as anyone else, having interfered with Ukrainian politics since the fall of the USSR, and having sent FSB and paramilitary outfits into Donbass (a country that is NOT Russia and is the territory of Ukraine - which is a different country) in 2014 to assist with the "secession" of Donetsk and Lugansk... and so on. And so now that Russia has "stepped in" they are the ones doing the killing in Donbass... they did not stop the killing, and now, many more people are being killed than before... and now 7-8 million Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homeland as refugees... regardless, my original question has not been addressed. I should think it would be the place of an Orthodox publication to report in an unbiased manner what is happening - reporting on churches shelled by the Ukrainian military, and also, on churches shelled by the Russian military. Look at the sources for the above article - TASS (Russian state-owned media), and the DPR military's Telegram channel. Are these unbiased sources? Hardly. Would you consider the Ukrainian military's Telegram channel to be a credible source? I doubt it. So, then why take for face value anything that the Kremlin/DPR propaganda has to say? You probably didn't even blink an eye and immediately believed everything you read here...
James6/28/2022 6:02 pm
Herman: No, I don't think that all the deaths in Ukraine are being perpetrated by their own military. This is war, and many people get killed in war. But I do know what they have been doing in Donbas. They are also carrying out attacks on Ukrainians in recaptured areas, if they in any way collaborated with the Russians. I am just sick and tired of your one-sided rhetoric, as though Ukraine has no fault in this. I am sure that there would have been many, many more civilian deaths in Donbas at the hands of Ukrainian forces if Russia had not stepped in. And if the Ukrainian government would have carried out the Minsk agreements, they would not be in this situation. Ditto for becoming a puppet regime, doing the will of Western governments, becoming a de facto NATO ally. If they had not done these things they would have not been under any threat from the Russians. Of course it is terrible what is happening to them, but blaming everything on the Russians only makes it worse. It is really the US that is causing all these deaths, because they are not allowing the Ukrainians come to an agreement with their neighbour, Russia.
Herman6/28/2022 6:45 am
James: I personally know a small number of Ukrainians who told me what they saw and what happened to them when they had to leave Ukraine. They are now in Poland, Denmark, and America. There are also many thousands of Ukrainians who have reported openly what is happening there, videos, photos, first-hand accounts - this is all fake western propaganda? There are thousands of civilian deaths in Ukraine, who knows how many - five, ten thousand? So you believe all these people were killed by their own military, as if the Ukrainian army has the resources or desire to simultaneously organize both a defensive war against the Russians, AND an offensive war against themselves? Or, by the invading army, trained to view the enemy as neo-Nazi scum and хохлы and traitors?
Panagiotis6/28/2022 2:23 am
I would like to believe that the Orthodox Churches that are damaged were the result of accidental consequence of war, I.E. not intentionally bombed or shelled. This happens in wars. I do not believe that Orthodox soldiers, on either side, would intentionally bomb or shell an Orthodox Church. I just don't believe that. Doing so serves no purpose, and in fact results in negative publicity. But we also have to remember that both sides have non-Orthodox soldiers and/or volunteers. Also, as I have said before, do not believe everything that you hear and read. Remember the Katyn Forest Massacre in Poland during World War II? The Germans were blamed, remember that? Then it turned out years later that it was the monster communists that did this, as they tried to decimate the best of Polish Society, which is what they did when the internationalists took over Holy Orthodox Russia, and first decimated the best of Russian Society: Priests, Military Officers, landowners, teachers, business people, Etc. Oh by the way, the Western Leaders, I.E. Churchill and Roosevelt, knew that it was the monster communists that did this, but they remained silent about the truth. I wonder what other lies have been told?... Just my humble opinion.
James6/28/2022 12:01 am
Herman: There is a big difference between a church damaged because it is situated in a battle zone and an intentional attack on a church. And tell me, where did you see the Russians killing any civilians maliciously? On your pitiful excuses for journalism in the West? Or are you over there watching in person?
Herman6/27/2022 12:58 pm
Zakarpattia Oblast - I see the Russian army doing quite a lot of killing, looting, and bragging themselves. My question remains unaddressed and unanswered.
Zakarpattia Oblast6/27/2022 4:44 am
@Herman Meanwhile the Zelensky army brags about how they kill priests and loot UOC churches as victories for their government.
Herman6/24/2022 1:35 pm
Why are you only reporting on churches allegedly damaged by the Ukrainian military? Why not report on the ones damaged and shelled by the Russian military as well? Metropolitan Onuphry himself stated at the council a couple weeks ago that over 80 Orthodox churches have been damaged or destroyed since Russia began this war in Ukraine... we know that most of those are the result of Russian military action.
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