Let us follow the example of St. Nektarios, a defender of the faith, and resist ecumenism, says Greek bishop

Konitsa, Greece, November 10, 2022

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St. Nektarios of Aegina was a great man of God and a great defender of the Orthodox truth, says His Eminence Metropolitan Andreas of Dryinoupolis, Pogoniani and Konitsa.

Therefore, the faithful should emulate him and beseech his prayerful help to have the courage to stand up for the faith, the hierarch said in his homily yesterday for the feast of the great 20th-century Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker, reports Romfea.

“St. Nektarios is one of the most popular and beloved saints of our Church. He went through much bitterness and sorrow in his life,” Met. Andreas preached. “However, because his heart was directed upwards, towards God, he managed to overcome the poverty and slander he received.”

The beloved saint teaches us “to have our heart, our attention, our mind directed to God, and not to earthly things that come and pass very quickly and disappear.” Though a Christian lives on earth, he lives as if in Heaven, Met. Andreas said, referring to the ancient Epistle to Diognetus.

“But apart from the model of virtue he gives us, St. Nektarios was also a fighter for Orthodoxy,” the hierarch emphasized, noting that the Holy Hierarch wrote two volumes about the fallacies of the Papacy.

And we Orthodox Christians must be very careful, because the movement towards the Pope is being revived today, Met. Andreas warns, with Orthodox hierarchs praying with “Papist and Christians of other denominations.”

When we see this, we mustn’t shout and curse, but we must protest, the Metropolitan counsels.

“Let us not forget this, and let us not be deceived by what’s shown on TV,” Met. Andreas continued. “It shows greetings, embraces … in Rome, the Phanar, and wherever. So, I repeat, we need to be very careful,” because the Papacy continues its propaganda, deception, and fraud.

“Let us stick to our ancestral customs and traditions, to the Orthodox faith, which our fathers handed down to us with rivers of blood and sacrifices,” the Metropolitan encouraged.

The times are difficult and wicked, and we must fight to defend the faith and for our salvation, the hierarch said. And we must fervently call upon God and His saints, including the great wonderworker St. Nektarios, to give us the strength and courage we need to remain on the path of Orthodoxy and reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Panagiotis11/15/2022 4:43 am
To Orthodox Brother Raphael: You raised some great points. It looks like what the sodomites and there liberal supporters did in the protestant churches and Roman Catholic Church, they are now going to attempt to do in our Church, I.E. they will work in small incremental steps. This is what liberals do, they do things gradually so as not to shock the people. If our Church attempts to legitimize sodomite activity then many people will leave the Church and there will be a great schism. The fact that no one ever heard of this nonsense for thousands of years, and now all of these no good liberal garbage movements are coming to the forefront, tells me that we are near the arrival of the Antichrist or false Messiah. That is why they are trying to destroy our Orthodox Church, especially our Russian Orthodox Church. Patriarch Kirill is correct that it is the Orthodox Church that is standing in the way of the Antichrist or false Messiah. He spoke the truth about the sodomites. The False Messiah or Antichrist will be a sexual deviant, born of a sexually defiled mother. As you know brother, one of the signs that will mean we are very close to the arrival of this false Messiah or Antichrist, is the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. There is a mosque there now, and that is preventing rebuilding of it. After it is rebuilt, then the false Messiah or Antichrist will eventually appear there, just like Jesus entered the temple. The Greek word for"Anti" means "in place of" in Greek, and this false Messiah will pretend to be the real Messiah, who was Jesus Christ. I hope this great website will print articles about what our Church Fathers and Elders and Saints stated about the Antichrist or false Messiah. I also hope that I am alive to see our God Jesus Christ return. As our Church has always taught: "He came as a lamb, and He will return as a lion". Glory be to Jesus Christ! Just my humble opinion.
Raphael11/12/2022 9:31 pm
Pangiotis: You need to listen to what is going on in the church more. I recommend that you watch a video entitled "the secret subversion of American Orthodoxy". It was on youtube, but they have now taken it down, but you can probably find it on other platforms such as rumble. You will discover that we do have active homosexual "theologians", homosexual supporting bishops and priests, and we also had homosexual monks/priests who left their priesthood and/or monastic vows remain "in the church" got "married" to men and are taken as serious "legitimate" voices by the bishiops of the OCA, Serbian, Romanian and the Greeks -ofcourse- since the Greeks are actually the leaders of this subversion! Also, you will discover that a pseudo-nun, -who drinks a lot of coffee- is an outspoken defender of this movement and actively works to promote it! She is a part of ROCOR!!! Let that sink in...ROCOR! If you think that the Orthodox priests and bishops are not participating in the sin of homosexuality then you are wrong! I am not saying that they are themselves active homosexuals -although it has been proven that many have been- but that they support and promote homosexuality in the Orthodox Church! They want to see it accepted and they are working very hard to make it happen! In addition we have priests/theologians who claim to be traditional that are not genuine and appear to be nothing more than "controlled opposition" so you have to be very very careful! We have A LOT of problems in the Orthodox church in the USA. A LOT!!
sherlock_holmes11/11/2022 1:33 am
" Orthodox hierarchs praying with “Papist and Christians of other denominations.” ...do they repent and confess this sin or go fully loaded to the Judgement?!
Panagiotis11/11/2022 1:21 am
Orthodox Brother R Joseph has made some valid points, and I agree with Orthodox Brother Alex. We are the Original Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself, and we are the True Church, and that is a fact my friends. Therefore there is no need for the ecumenical nonsense movement.. Prior to Vatican II, in my opinion, the Roman Catholic Church was conservative. But subsequent to Vatican II, they have become increasingly liberal. There is a conservative Roman Catholic website called "Church Militant" and it has many articles and comments concerning liberalism in the Roman Catholic Church, and also many articles and comments about homosexuality among many of the clergy of that Church. In my opinion this is the result of Roman Catholics not letting their married men become Priests, and this attracts sodomites to this vocation, since they would not get married anyways, and this would provide a cover or excuse as to why they are not married. I also have never in my life personally heard of a married Orthodox Priest of being, or believed to be, a homosexual. Never. Do not take this the wrong way, there are many celibate single Orthodox Priests, who are not married, and are doing a great job, I.E. they are True Conservative Orthodox, just like our married Priests. Glory be to our God! Just my humble opinion.
Raphael11/10/2022 11:56 pm
R Joseph: the problem with you commentary is that the RC community under Francis are not only "moving towards orthodoxy" but are embracing all kinds of false teachings including the belief that Buddhism and Islam is a legit path to God, and that the Jews do not need to be baptized. Also, the pope himself is starting to embrace the idea of "homosexual marriage" in the church, women clergy, transgenderism etc. The fact is that there are already many cardinals/bishops in his community that openly embrace homosexuality, and the pope does not condemn such behavior, but encourages it. P. Francis is not a true Catholic in the least sense of the word, and to unite with such a man is not to unite the "Western and Eastern Churches", but to unite with all of the false and heretical teachings that the pope and his pseudo-catholic community teaches. St. Nektarios would have been even louder today, since the terrible filth and Christ-hating teachings that are promoted in Greece, the catholic community and even the Phanar were unfathomable in his time! A Holy Man of God, like St. Nektarios would be fighting even harder today, and I hope and pray that we will listen to this Bishop and fight as St. Nektarios fought. May God protect us from wolves in sheep's clothing, liars and deceivers! Glory to the Holy and Triune God!
R Joseph11/10/2022 9:00 pm
With all due deference to this great saint, the Roman Church is moving toward us in Orthodoxy. Their catechism now teaches nearly identically our understanding of Ancestral Sin. With the Chieti Agreement, the Romans acknowledge that the Bishop of Rome never exercised authority over the other Patriarchates. A preliminary agreement approved currently in the GOARCH website and the Catholic USCCB website agrees that in any reunification, the more ancient creed approved by the Evumenicsl Councils, without the filioque, will be the universal common creed. Under John Paul II, a clarification was issued declaring that the Father is the source of the Trinity and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father. He then, in the same document, completely watered down the understanding of filioque as to be nothing near what their church has taught for 1,000 years. They also now minimize or completely deny a suffering purgatorial fire. The current pope refused to call himself anything but the Bishop of Rome upon his election. St. Nektarios did not live to see the movement of Catholicism back towards Orthodoxy in this manner. Is it there yet? No, but it is light years from where it was during his time.
Alex11/10/2022 4:31 pm
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