Hieromonk and schemanun killed in Donetsk monastery shelling

Nikolskoye, Donetsk, February 2, 2023

Fr. Boniface (left), Mother Savva (right). Photo: pravlife.org Fr. Boniface (left), Mother Savva (right). Photo: pravlife.org     

Two inhabitants of the Holy Dormition-Sts. Nicholas and Basil Monastery were killed in shelling in the Donetsk village of Nikolskoye on Tuesday evening.

Hieromonk Boniface died during the shelling and Schemanun Savva died the next morning from wounds received the day before, reports Orthodox Life.

The monastery, founded by the beloved Elder Zosima (Sokur, †2002) has been continually shelled throughout the war. 80% of the monastery’s buildings have been damaged or destroyed, and other inhabitants, including refugees, have died in attacks.

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Panagiotis2/5/2023 4:01 am
+++ May Their Memories Be Eternal +++. They are in Paradise now with the other Orthodox Martyrs who have died in this war. From what I have read, it was massive shelling allegedly from the Ukrainian forces that fell upon the Monastery and killed these Martyrs. Yet the gangster State of the Ukraine tries to portray itself as innocent. Lord have mercy! Thank God people all over the world now are waking up and realizing that the corrupt gangster State of the Ukraine is no good. This war, planned years ago by the diabolical internationalists, is a monumental battle. They want to destroy Holy Conservative Russia and the Holy Conservative Russian Orthodox Church, and then destroy all of the Orthodox People, and indeed all free moralistic people of all faiths. They want to try to accomplish this in order to pave the way for the arrival of the False Messiah or Antichrist. But God is with us, and we will emerge victorious. I can feel it in my bones, and Almighty God will not abandon us. The sinister internationalists tried to destroy us a century ago when they brought satanic bolshevism to our lands and murdered tens of millions of our people. But now we are strong and we cannot be overwhelmed by the demonic internationalists. I urge all of my Orthodox Brothers all over the world to support our Russian Orthodox Brothers. I urge good people of all faiths to support Russia. I urge my Ukrainian Orthodox Brothers, who I love, to wake up, and realize that they are being used by the internationalist puppet masters who control the Ukraine. The Ukrainian Orthodox are being used as cannon fodder, while the internationalists laugh as our Orthodox Brothers and Slavic Brothers kill each other. Let us pray to Almighty God and the Panagia to let all people see clearly through the smoke screen of the evil ones. All Glory to our True God Jesus Christ and Fear Almighty God. Just my humble opinion.
Cat2/3/2023 9:07 pm
When will this infernal horror end.
Daniel Johnston2/3/2023 10:46 am
May their memory be eternal!
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