16 women refused to make abortions in one month of the “Save a life” program in Ivanovo

Ivanovo (a city in central Russia), March 3, 2015

Over the first month of the “Save a life” charity aid program for women in crisis pregnancies in the city of Ivanovo and the Ivanovo region, 92 consultations were arranged, and 16 women decided not to terminate their pregnancies, reports Miloserdie.ru with the reference to press service of the “Kolybel” (“Cradle”) Ivanovo public organization for protection of childhood, family and morality.

The founder of the “Save a life” federal program, launched in January 2015, was the Independent nonprofit organization, the “International festival of social technologies in defense of family values “For life.”

The program’s goal is to give women planning to make abortions all-round social and psychological aid and thus motivate them to give birth to their children.

According to the program’s start manager Ekaterina Markova, 60 psychologists and social workers in 25 cities and towns of Russia joined the program in January, and the participation of 72 specialists in 32 cities was scheduled for the end of February.

“We do hope that our work will enable at least some women to change their mind and to save their babies,” E. Markova said. “The task of our psychologists and social workers is not only to hear women out, to explain to them what an abortion is like and what negative effects on their health they may have, but also to support them by kind words, sincere sympathy and, beyond a doubt, to help them solve urgent problems of a social nature”.

It is still too early to talk of exact numbers of unterminated pregnancies and saved babies over the month – usually it becomes known a month after making of decision, when the twelfth week of pregnancy expires and a woman already cannot legally make an abortion. However, it is already known that 126 pregnancies were not terminated owing to the program from January 12 to February 12, 2015.

“In our city, due to the program 92 consultations with future mothers have been held, 16 of them have decided not to terminate their pregnancies, 8 of them have not made a final decision yet and 6 of them will be given aid,” related the “Kolybel”’s chief executive E.V. Yazeva.

The program organizers realize that the right words should be backed by deeds—that is, a real help. Prams, cots, baby food, diapers, children’s clothes and ladies’ wear from donors are very welcome.

“In our practice there are many cases when a donated pram or a paid housing and utilities debt saved a baby’s life! And recently a warm jacket and winter high boots for a mother saved another life,” relates E. Markova.

Duly organized consulting makes it possible to preserve pregnancies of 10-20% of women who earlier planned to make abortion.



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