Ukrainian Zaporozhye Diocese prays for cancelation of new world order LGBT parade

Zaporozhye, Ukraine, August 26, 2020     

In its pastoral care for its flock and all the Ukrainian people, the Zaporozhye Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, headed by the fiery Metropolitan Luke, actively opposes the promotion of the lifestyle of sexual minorities.

On August 17, His Eminence Metropolitan Luke issued an appeal to local authorities, calling on them not to allow the “Equality March” currently scheduled for September 20.

And on August 23, a moleben was served in the St. Vladimir Church in Volnyansk for the “admonition of those tormented by soul-corruption passions” and for the cancelation of the upcoming parade, reports the diocesan press service.

In his appeal, published on his Telegram channel, Met. Luke explained that the true goal of the LGBT movement is to break the moral principles established by God, and called on the authorities not to allow the immoral parade.

The organizers of the “Equality March” have as their stated goal “to establish civil equality for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation.” However, this is already a deception, Met. Luke writes, as all people, regardless of sexual orientation, already enjoy equal rights in Ukraine.

The Metropolitan continues:

New standards of thinking and behavior that are designed to destroy traditional family values are being introduced into the minds of our young people, first of all. This project is one of the components of the global program of corrupting people and de-Christianizing humanity as a whole. This program provides for the fight against traditional family values, patriotism, and the religious worldview. The concepts of good and evil, which are the basis of family education, are replaced by the philosophy of hedonism and a change to human behavior in general.

“The true goal of the LGBT movement is to break down the basic moral principles established by God and impose new standards of morality,” Met. Luke emphasizes. He continues:

This goal is achieved by destroying the line between norm and perversion. The idea that sexual intercourse, in any form or variety, is only a means of obtaining pleasure, and not a means for procreation, is being introduced into the mass consciousness. The ultimate goal of this program is to fight against a person who respects their human dignity, destroy the state as a form of interacting, according to the law, with each other, and turn it into a collection of easily controlled individuals, subject to the dictatorship of the new world order.

The Church treats everyone as creations of God while also condemning sin. Thus, the Church opposes using a parade to popularize perversion.

“To sin or not is the right of every person to choose, but it is our duty, as faithful children of God, to convey to the public an understanding of the deadly danger of this sin to the soul,” the Ukrainian hierarch continues.

“The constitutional right to peaceful assembly cannot extend to the demonstration of impiety and vice,” Met. Luke underlines.

“Using this logic of understanding of the law, you could then take the initiative to hold parades of corrupt officials, liars, adulterers, thieves, murderers, etc., because they would like public approval of their freedom of choice and the opportunity to sin,” he explains.

Support for the LGBT movement is just one more step towards the destruction of the Ukrainian homeland, Met. Luke states. “The destruction of Sodom, Gomorrah and Pompeii is a visible evidence of the end of the depraved life of the inhabitants who inhabited these cities,” he notes.

Thus, Met. Luke calls on the city authorities “not to participate in and not to promote the spread and popularization of sin in our city,” and calls on all concerned citizens to “openly express their position on this issue.”

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