Cypriot Metropolitan of Morphou calls on parents to homeschool rather than give in to COVID fears

Morphou, Cyprus, August 31, 2020     

In response to rules and restrictions arising from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, His Eminence Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou of the Cypriot Orthodox Church is calling on families to become more self-sufficient in order to avoid giving in to the fear and chaos surrounding the pandemic.

His Eminence addressed the topic in a talk given on August 22 in response to a question from one of the faithful: “They want our kids, from 6 years up, to wear masks in school. What should we do?”

“Both the eyes and the mouth wish for a face that will see God—without a mask,” the Metropolitan responded, recalling that ancient Greeks wore masks in the theaters, which were known as places of debauchery.

“If our children grow accustomed to masks from now, in twenty years we’ll have a society of demons,” he warns. “Did you hear that? Not of humans: of demons!”

Parents should find a way for their children to never have to wear masks, he urges. “I’m speaking to you responsibly,” he says. “It is better that they remain without the so-called education of Europe for a few months, or a few years. And what an education! What a joke!”

It would be better for parents to homeschool, His Eminence believes, and to hold church services at home, if necessary, and even to organize pharmacies in their homes. “You will see that soon they will be telling you that they have run out of medicine,” he warns.

“They want to push society over into chaos, into terror. They want us to be scared, chaosed—see what a beautiful word the old Cypriots have: “chaosed.”. It’s when you don’t know what is happening with you: Deep calleth unto deep (Ps. 41:7),” the Cypriot hierarch explains.

It is all designed so that the people will be desperate for a vaccine, he continues: “The vaccine! Please give us a vaccine!”

In conclusion, His Eminence issues a warning about man’s salvation: “So, they are after our will, they are after our freedom. In brief, they are after our soul. It’s not simply the European ‘rights’ that they want to steal from us. Do not be deceived. They are after our immortal soul!”

Met. Neophytos was under investigation several months again after police interrupted his Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy. However, the Attorney General later determined that he had not violated any quarantine measures by celebrating the service.

In September of last year, Met. Neophytos was also cleared of all charges of hate speech arising after a video surfaced in which he told the story of a young man who gave up his sinful, homosexual lifestyle after being rebuked by a monk to whom God revealed the man’s sin.

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Mary9/19/2021 10:36 am
On visiting the monastery of St John Lampidistis recently..I felt the peace, but also the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in the doubt a place under divine protection due to the continued truthful warnings and the courage shown to us Christians by Arch. NEOPHYTOU. Thank God for good leaders in our tribulations. May Archangel Michael himself defend the little ones of Christ.
Elizanna8/31/2020 6:26 pm
I wish that we Ukrainian Catholics had even one bishop with the faith and moral courage to echo the truthful words of Met. Neophytos. May God bless him and give him many years.
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