Christian Priests Targeted in Tigray

Source: Release International

November 1, 2021     

A year ago, in November 2020, Eritrean forces killed 750 civilians in the sacred city of Aksum – including, according to Orthodox Church sources, ‘at least 78 priests’.

And the killing of priests did not stop there, says former prisoner of faith, Helen Berhane, who warns hostility towards Christians is overflowing from Eritrea.

‘Priests are dying’

‘Eritrean troops are killing a lot of priests and raping their wives,’ she says.

‘Some of the priests stand holding their crosses, so they cut their hands. And when the soldiers ask the priests to remove their hats, when they say no, they shoot them. Hundreds of priests are dying in this conflict at the hands of Eritrean soldiers,’ she says.

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Cat11/15/2021 2:18 pm
Crimes against humanity and war crimes are being comitted, but they draw little international attention. Who is the real war profiteer exploiting ethnic violence again, why aren't the media going to investigate the cause of the issue instead of reporting the consequences? The world is careless as ever.
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